Courier Services

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Courier Services: Moving at the Rate of Business

So many of your competitors offer their customers expedited delivery, that you feel pressed to give the same. Yet most delivery companies charge such outrageous amounts for fast delivery services, that you may not feel as though you can afford it. Let us take a load off your mind with our low cost courier services. 

How We Can Help

We are serious about helping you improve your business. When you turn to us for courier services, you are choosing quality at an affordable price. Unlike national chains, we offer good deals for anything from a single envelope to bulk deliveries. In addition to saving you money, we offer you several benefits:

·         Excellent Customer Service – When you trust our courier with your packages, we understand that you have trusted us with your tradition of customer care. We appreciate this responsibility, and we make it a point to treat your customers as well as you treat them.

·         Shipping Insurance – Every package we handle is insured to protect you from the unlikely chance of a mishap. Our packages arrive on time, and are transported with protective shipping equipment to ensure that our service meets your expectations. However, we also believe in preparedness. We purchase delivery insurance for your packages to ensure that we take care of you in every possible scenario.

·         Timeliness – Our courier service is fast. If it is reasonably possible to drive your package to its destination in a single day, then we do it. We can even perform same-day courier service as far away as Chicago! Otherwise, we deliver your packages in as little time as possible. We deliver anywhere in the continental US and Canada.

We Are Dedicated to Serving You and Your Customers

Whether you have a single envelope or a bulk shipment, you can trust Red Express Delivery Services to get your delivery where it needs to go. We understand that timely service is important to your customers and your business; and we make it our priority to treat you and your customers well every step of the way. 


Good Delivery Services Qualities

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Express DeliveryQuick Delivery Services

If someone were to ask you what qualities a good delivery service had, what would you say? (You can even tell us below in the comments section!)

We'd say it would have to offer next-day delivery when you needed it, it would have to be reliable, and it would have to be reasonably priced. We would also go as far as to say that if it were a locally-owned and operated delivery service, that'd be even better. Preferable, even.

Red Express is a locally owned and operated delivery service. We specialize in bulk deliveries at a reasonable price too. Could you imagine how much it'd cost to have an entire truck full of items delivered through FedEx or UPS? We're guessing it wouldn't be pretty. But if you use us, you'll get a great rate that won't max your budget out.

A good delivery service should also provide shipping insurance. This one is a lot more important than most people think. What if something were to happen to your shipment, and it was a priceless item? What if it were an expensive item? What if your business was depending on it? When it comes to ease of mind, built-in shipping insurance just makes sense.

great customer service and is readily available. It just makes sense! We offer quick, dependable and in-budget delivery services out of the greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky areas. We also specialize in frozen food delivery and offer climate-controlled trucks so your food gets there safely and securely. Contact us at (513) 431-5000 to find out more. We offer 24 hour a day services.


Local Delivery Service

by Administrator6. December 2013 13:56

Why you should use a local delivery service

You can get great deals on bulk deliveries. Bulk deliveries would cost an arm and a leg if you went through FedEx, USPS, or UPS. You'll save hundreds if you use a service that's meant for bulk deliveries, such as Red Express.

You can trust a local delivery service more than a big corporation. When you call a local service with a question or you need a problem solved, you don't get put through to a service line in a different part of the country. You get put through to representatives who are local and are not in a rush to get you off of the phone. Red Express Delivery is not a corporation, and can therefore offer personal service to each and every one of our customers.

A local delivery service will actually care about your parcel or parcels. We provide shipping insurance with every delivery as well as protective coverings that go over each package while in transit. We use adjustable straps, shipping blankets and sturdy crates. Our box trucks are dock high and many of them have been equipped with sleepers, stabilizer legs, and e-tracks.

We offer price matching... something FedEx (or any other delivery service) would NEVER do. We'll often match OR beat our competitors prices... just as us!

We offer frozen food delivery. Our frozen food delivery stands out from our competitors! We offer climate-controlled environments for delivering loads that can spoil if not properly handled. Rest assured that we can deliver and process food across the US and Canada safely and securely.

Delivery Service


Same Day Delivery

by Administrator6. November 2013 12:50

We live in an era where people want things straight away. They expect instantaneous service, no matter what it's for. (Which is probably a side-effect from living in the technology age.) At any rate... they don't want to wait, because why should they? They're handing over their hard-earned cash to pay for near-instant delivery, and they expect it to be on time.

Same Day Delivery with Red Express

We offer same day courier services, available for any location that can be driven within one day (even as far as Chicago!) Same day deliveries are calculated by delivery vehicle (for local deliveries), not by shipping weight. Going with us is the smarter choice!

Other Benefits:

  • We accept bulk deliveries
  • We provide automatic shipping insurance
  • There are no hidden fees
  • We take extra measures to get your cargo there safely
  • We provide 24-hour service
Interested? Call us for more details! 859-431-5000


Quick Delivery Services

by Administrator11. June 2011 10:00
Express DeliveryQuick Delivery Services

Quick Delivery Services

Red Express Delivery has over 20 years of experience in the quick delivery services business. Through our growth process, we have seen what it takes to be a successful package delivery courier business, while also maintaining our roots of valuing customer service and on-time quick delivery services. We deliver anything from small envelopes to large manufactured items. So, for prompt pickup and package delivery, contact our courier service today!

Package Delivery

Red Express Package Delivery is an immediate courier service that offers 24 hour delivery service with a live staff ready to assist in your shipping needs. Package and delivery services are needed at all hours of the day. Whether you have an urgent parcel that needs to arrive to a local destination quickly, or you need to service clients or markets in different time zones across not just the United States of America, but also Canada, our quick delivery services and package delivery committment can ensure that your packages arrive on time and to the required destination.

Quick Delivery Services

We value our customers and understand that quick delivery services are a must in today's society. When you call, you always talk to a live person, as to get your package delivery handled correctly and without fail. With honesty and our highly competitive rates, we are tough to beat for a speedy delivery service. No matter what time of year it is, our courier rates are competitive and fair. Call or stop by today to begin your speedy delivery service and to experience our customer friendly 24 hour delivery service.

On top of our pledge to customer service and 24 hour assistance, we also differentiate ourselves by not having an additional fuel surcharge. Fuel prices continue to go up and companies tend to take it out on the customers by supplementing their higher costs with higher prices or hidden fuel charges. Here at Red Express, we understand value and commitment to the customer, and that includes transparency in our pricing and not adding on additional charges based on changing variables. Our prices are competitive because we intend to compete and win your business over with our care and commitment to fair prices, which includes no fuel surcharges.

With our quality customer service and our honest and competitive prices that excludes fuel surcharges, we have two more benefits to offer you, because you're the customer and you deserve it. Unlike other package deliverycouriers, we do not charge for immediate shipping. Whether you need it shipped tomorrow or you need it shipped tonight with our quick delivery services, you'll pay the same competitive prices. Also be sure to ask us about our corporate account discounts, that offers discounts for invoices paid within 30 days.

"When Other Couriers Can't Get Your Package Delivered on Time, Do You See Red? If So, Then Call Red. We'll Get It There on Time, with No Excuses."