Expedited Shipping Quick Delivery Services

Quick Delivery Services

Red Express Delivery has over 20 years of experience in the quick delivery services business. Through our growth process, we have seen what it takes to be a successful package delivery courier business, while also maintaining our roots of valuing customer service and on-time quick delivery services. We deliver anything from small envelopes to large manufactured items. So, for prompt pickup and package delivery, contact our courier service today!

Package Delivery

Red Express Package Delivery is an immediate courier service that offers 24 hour delivery service with a live staff ready to assist in your shipping needs. Package and delivery services are needed at all hours of the day. Whether you have an urgent parcel that needs to arrive to a local destination quickly, or you need to service clients or markets in different time zones across not just the United States of America, but also Canada, our quick delivery services and package delivery commitment can ensure that your packages arrive on time and to the required destination.

Quick Delivery Services

We value our customers and understand that quick delivery services are a must in today's society. When you call, you always talk to a live person, as to get your package delivery handled correctly and without fail. With honesty and our highly competitive rates, we are tough to beat for a speedy delivery service. No matter what time of year it is, our courier rates are competitive and fair. Call or stop by today to begin your speedy delivery service and to experience our customer friendly 24 hour delivery service.

On top of our pledge to customer service and 24 hour assistance, we also differentiate ourselves by not having an additional fuel surcharge. Fuel prices continue to go up and companies tend to take it out on the customers by supplementing their higher costs with higher prices or hidden fuel charges. Here at Red Express, we understand value and commitment to the customer, and that includes transparency in our pricing and not adding on additional charges based on changing variables. Our prices are competitive because we intend to compete and win your business over with our care and commitment to fair prices, which includes no fuel surcharges.

With our quality customer service and our honest and competitive prices that excludes fuel surcharges, we have two more benefits to offer you, because you're the customer and you deserve it. Unlike other package delivery couriers, we do not charge for immediate shipping. Whether you need it shipped tomorrow or you need it shipped tonight with our quick delivery services, you'll pay the same competitive prices. Also be sure to ask us about our corporate account discounts, that offers discounts for invoices paid within 30 days.

"When other couriers can't get your package delivered on time, do you see red? If so, then call red. We'll get it there on time, with no excuses."